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Boroondara Series

An ongoing series consisting of the seeds, pods, flowers and leaves from The City of Boroondara.


Situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, this area boasts a varied collection of fauna and flora both indigenous and foreign. These incredible natural sculptures are often missed and never seen. In this series, I want to capture the beauty and intricacies of what nature is able to produce. 

Boroondara Series

Fine Art Print 

Hahnemühle Fine Art A2 (59.4cm X 42cm)

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The Journey of Chocolate

The chocolate sculpture is made up of seven handmade chocolate slides, each designed to create a single three-dimensional image once placed in its intended order. The idea comes from my appreciation and respect for chocolate, its origins, its story, its applications and the journey from farm to consumer. The sculpture is made of only chocolate. I created and added what I believe are the most important and relevant aspects of what makes this beautiful product. The image focuses on the farmer and is surrounded by the processes as well as the raw product in its natural environment, all of which are centred around the shape of a cacao pod. Each slide or process draws the viewer closer to the edge of the frame and themselves visually. I want the viewer to see the importance of the consumer’s responsibility to create a more sustainable cacao industry, connecting them directly to the farmer and the finished consumer product.


The final image is comprised of 74 images, which are stacked to create an image that is entirely in focus, maintaining the visual information and allowing the viewer to see what the image is comprised of in great detail. 

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